Quarterlife Crisis

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5 Fitness Activities That You Will Do in Your Quarter life Crisis

A lot of different things are going to be falling into place - and launching up into the air - as you approach your 25th year on the planet, or as you get a closer and closer to your "quarter life crisis".

You're going to be just getting out of that stage of "finding yourself", learning a lot more about the kind of impact that you want to have on the world. As a full-blown post college graduation adult you are going to start your journey in the "real world", working 9 to 5 day in day out.

At the same time, this is right around when men and women alike (statistics saying) stop relying so much on their adolescent metabolism to keep them in fantastic shape and instead start to get a lot more serious about their diet, nutrition, and about their fitness and overall health. Statistically speaking there are at least five different fitness activities that the statistics say most people around the age of 25 are going to participate in.

We have taken the time to break down those five different categories below, the kinds of health and fitness areas that the highest percent of men and women alike are getting involved in as they approach the quarter life block of time.

Let's dive right in!


If you played sports while growing up (and especially in high school or college) the odds are pretty good that you have gone to the gym to work out those muscles. Statistics show that most people between the age of 16 and 25 sign up to a gym member in the hope of improving their looks, getting into the best possible fitness condition or increasing their performance at a sport. Unfortunately statistics gathered from gym owners show that both men and women within the quarter life age block don't use their gym memberships to their fullest. The attendance rate for both men and women drop after the first 3 months, with only 42% of people continuing their membership to the next year.

Quarterlife Crisis Fitness

Diets & Nutrition

In your quarter life, the statistics on diets and nutrition show that most people will not complete a diet but many of us attempt one. The odds are that 85% of us will end up seeking out a new approach to dieting and nutrition. 25% of us will learn about calories and its role in managing or losing weight. A good 60% of those 80% of people will end up latching on to the "latest and greatest" diet or nutritional fad, however only 30% of them will end up completing that diet.

Fitness & Sports

People all the way up to the age of 25 are still pretty active when it comes to their favorite fitness activities and sports, with almost all of us learning a new game or sport throughout school. Unfortunately statistics show that only a small percentage of us will continue a sports after school or college. 45% of us show regret for not continuing playing a sport or learning a new sport. Most of us will however pick up a new fitness activity, with almost 80% of us trying jogging or running.


Students all over the world are really getting into bodybuilding (according to statistics published in the last 10 years or so), and a significant percent of girls are getting into bodybuilding today - something that couldn't have been said in the past.

More and more people are learning that it takes a lot more than a couple of minutes in the gym with dumbbells to transform their body into Arnold Schwarzenegger, which is why so many girls (a significant percent higher than any time previously) are taking advantage of bodybuilding exercises to build the tight and toned body they've always dreamed of.

Sports Supplements

Sports supplements go hand in hand with bodybuilding practices, and a good 60% of us have taken advantage of at least a one sports supplements in the past. With vitamins and protein powder being the most commonly purchased products. After the age of 25, you need to be more careful with your dieting and supplement choices, remember that they are supplements first and foremost - not magic pills - and are designed to be used effectively in conjunction with a planned diet and exercise program.