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Quarterlife Crisis

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Media: Contact Quarterlife Crisis™ book series author and twentysomething expert Alexandra Robbins.
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THE OFFICIAL SEQUEL - Conquering Your Quarterlife Crisis: Click for more info or to purchase
Conquering Your Quarterlife Crisis:
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NEW BOOK, AUGUST 2006: Alexandra Robbins' most gripping and important work to date... the critically acclaimed must-read book hailed by publications including The New York Times and People Magazine: THE OVERACHIEVERS: THE SECRET LIVES OF DRIVEN KIDS

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Want the real scoop on twentysomethings and the Quarterlife Crisis™? These books, written by New York Times bestselling author Alexandra Robbins, tell you everything you want to know. The book Quarterlife Crisis introduced the problems twentysomethings face; the sequel Conquering Your Quarterlife Crisis solves them.

Alexandra Robbins regularly appears on national television, including programs such as 60 Minutes, The Today Show, Oprah, and The View, has delivered commentary about her generation for NPR, and has written for several publications, including Vanity Fair, The New Yorker, Atlantic Monthly, Cosmopolitan, and The Washington Post.

Statistics on Twentysomethings and Quarterlife Crisis Issues

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